Gluten-free cake mixes are everywhere these days, but a few Chowhounds think some popular brands are dry and bland. Clearly, a bit of intervention is called for. What’s the best way to glam up a gluten-free mix?

For PamelaD, the answer is in Spanish: tres leches. She bakes her cake mix as instructed on the box, lets it cool, then pokes it all over with holes. She mixes up the three-milk mixture that gives the cake its name—half a can each of sweetened condensed and evaporated milk, and half a cup of whipping cream—and pours it on. The cake is great when chilled, frosted with whipped cream. (Alternatively, substitute coconut milk for the whipped cream, as in CHOW’s Coconut Tres Leches Cake).

A simple Italian meringue buttercream can do a lot for an otherwise humble cake, trolley says. And shanagain got rave reviews from a simple trifle made with layers of gluten-free cake, gluten-free custard, macerated berries, and whipped cream. It might seem simple, but LJS says it won’t go unappreciated by someone accustomed to boring gluten-free dessert options. “To produce something special and delicious just for them is really a grand gesture.”

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Photo by Flickr member Cooking Gluten Free under Creative Commons

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