Angelenos readily swap tips for where to find incredible tamales, to-die-for ramen, burgers, and chilaquiles, but Buffalo chicken wings? Great ones are more elusive here, Jwsel says on Chowhound, though awesome specimens do exist. As Super Bowl Sunday looms, here’s where Chowhounds drive to satisfy their bar-style wing cravings:

• The wings at Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz (pictured) get the most nods from Chowhounds. No surprise, maybe, since the owners hail from Buffalo.

The Slice fries them up authentic and tasty in Santa Monica, MisterFawlty says.

• The sauce is the thing at Hoagies & Wings, in a palette of flavors ranging from lemon pepper to teriyaki. And if you can handle the heat, go for the Suicide Wings.

• Perfect frying is on display at Buffalo Wings ‘N Things in Huntington Beach. Sauce options include extra hot and beyond hot.

Ye Rustic Inn [Los Feliz]
1831 N. Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles

The Slice [Westside – Beaches]
1622 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica

Hoagies & Wings [Mid-City]
1544 S. La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles

Hoagies & Wings [San Fernando Valley]
14552 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks

Buffalo Wings ‘N Things [Orange County]
18302 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach

Discuss: There are no truly authentic Buffalo wings in California.

Photo from Ye Rustic Inn / Facebook

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