King-size Korean dumplings conquered Flushing, Queens, in 2011. Now they’ve landed in Manhattan’s Koreatown at a two-week-old outpost of Daheen Wang Mandoo. For many Koreans, the signature wang mandoo, filled with slightly spicy ground pork and scallions, are a beloved comfort food when the temperature plunges—as it’s doing this week in New York. Beyond the dumplings and buns served at the original Queens shop, the new place offers a more ambitious and fusion-y menu of pancakes, meat cutlets, bibimbap, noodles, and a spicy kimchi “quesadilla,” a crispy tortilla filled with kimchi and cheese.

Daheen Wang Mandoo [Koreatown]
2 W. 32nd Street (between Fifth Avenue and Broadway), Manhattan

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Photo by Mark Hokoda

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