Smoked fish isn’t difficult to find in San Francisco—as long as you’re willing to settle for prepackaged stuff hanging in the refrigerated section of supermarkets. But if you want beautifully translucent slices or a custom cut, there are a few options in town that trump the vacuum-sealed packet.

SF’s four Whole Foods stores will hand-slice both lox and smoked salmon, though you should call ahead to see what’s in stock, olyolyy advises.

Paulie’s Pickling, a sandwich and pickle shop in Bernal Heights, sells great quality lox that they hand-slice paper thin. While you’re there, be sure to pick up Paulie’s excellent cream cheese. And in the Mission, Wise Sons Deli does special orders on lox (pictured), according to sugartoof.

Windy says that Bi-Rite Market and Swan Oyster Depot both sell sliced-to-order cured salmon. Bargain shoppers will want to hit up Russian and Eastern European groceries like New World Market and Europa Express for smoked fish at the best prices.

Whole Foods Market
Multiple locations

Paulie’s Pickling [Bernal Heights]
331 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco

Wise Sons Deli [Mission District]
3150 24th Street, San Francisco

Bi-Rite Market [Mission District]
3639 18th Street, San Francisco

Swan Oyster Depot [Polk Gulch]
1517 Polk Street, San Francisco

New World Market [Outer Richmond]
5641 Geary Street, San Francisco

Europa Express Deli [Inner Sunset]
1342 Irving Street, San Francisco

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Photo of smoked salmon on a bialy from Wise Sons

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