In the past, the freeway-locked suburb of Whittier has been glanced over by the average LA foodie, but recent additions to the neighborhood—like Bizzara Capital and newly-discovered restaurants like Franco Trattoria—prove that this city to the east is worthy of attention.

Chowhound fgrade was window-shopping for a good lunch, sat down at Franco Trattoria, and was amazed by the food. The small menu is limited to what’s in the market that day. Hits that day: “crusty and earthy” bruschetta pomodoro, gnocchi with pesto, and spaghetti with sausage. And fgrade even got to chat with Franco (pictured, with an octopus friend) about what would likley be on the menu the next day. We are, notes fgrade, “soon to be returning campers without a doubt.”

Discuss: Franco Trattoria in Up-Town Whittier – Hoped for the best expecting the worst

Franco Trattoria [East LA]
6717 Greenleaf Avenue, Whittier

Photo from Franco Trattoria / Facebook

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