Local Chowhound RicRicos says finding good arepas in Los Angeles has been as challenging as Monty Python’s quest for the Holy Grail. The disc-shaped cousin of the Salvadoran pupusa can be made from either cornmeal or wheat flour, and they vary a lot from country to country, glutton explains. In Colombia, arepas are simple things, served alongside the main meal or as a basic supper with butter or queso fresco. In Venezuela, where arepas are more elaborate, they tend to have meat fillings. After searching far and wide, Chowhounds have found three LA spots with amazing arepas:

SAVOR’S. Cooked-to-order Venezuelan arepas in Culver City, with filling choices ranging from chicken to lengua (tongue). Expect to wait at least 10 minutes per order, emp2b3 says, and try some of the many salsas.

COUPA CAFE. In Beverly Hills, arepas that toothsome calls “refined.” You can get an appetizer of plain mini arepas, followed by a wide array of entrée-sized stuffed arepas. Try the strong coffee, too.

CAFE BOLIVAR. Caracas-style arepas in Santa Monica—Servorg gives a thumbs-up to fillings like pulled pork shoulder (pictured), Gruyère and homemade chorizo, and carne mechada.

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Savor’s [Westside – Inland]
8693 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles
No phone number available

Coupa Café [Beverly Hills]
410 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills

Café Bolivar [Westside – Beaches]
1741 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica

Photo from Café Bolivar/Facebook

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