Moist, tender slow-roasted pork shoulder becomes irresistible when its skin is bronzed and crackly-crisp. Check out these five recipes Chowhounds swear by:

1. This simple Ultra-Crispy Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder is “all you’ll ever need.” – Baskerville

2. With a garlic-and-herb rub, this Six-Hour Pork Roast is “to die for.” – free sample addict aka Tracy L

3. Crisp and Juicy Carnitas are “seriously good.” – JonParker

4. Get Puerto Rican flavor with Pernil. – sparky403

5. Go Korean with Momofuku Bo Ssam (but cover your smoke detector for the final step!). – vicarious

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Photo of slow-roasted pork shoulder from Shutterstock

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