What makes a great burger? Quality meat, the right bun, and carefully chosen toppings. The cooking style is important, too: A charcoal grill imparts flavor to both meat and toasted bun. And while fries aren’t technically part of the deal, they can factor into a burger’s overall ranking. Chowhounds who’ve eaten a lot of cheeseburgers, charburgers, and BBQ bacon deluxe burgers, came up with this shortlist perfect for any serious East Bay burger crawl:

Mua‘s half-pound patty is a favorite in Oakland, but make sure you ask for the bun toasted or you’ll have a soggy mess on your hands.

• In Albany, wolfe likes the half-pound patty with grilled onions at Nizza La Bella.

• Also in Albany, Royal Café serves a juicy burger that doesn’t get much praise—except, of course, from nicedragonboy.

• For a juice bomb in Oakland, try Telegraph‘s 50/50, a mix of ground beef and bacon.

• And Oakland’s Trueburger hits the spot for Johnnyonthespot.

• Also don’t forget the food trucks fivetenburger and Doc’s of the Bay (pictured).

The thread offers many more recommendations; weigh in with your favorites and review the list as it develops.

Mua [East Bay]
2442-A Webster Street, Oakland

Nizza La Bella [East Bay]
827 San Pablo Avenue, Albany

Royal Café [East Bay]
811 San Pablo Avenue, Albany

Telegraph [East Bay]
2318 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

Trueburger [East Bay]
146 Grand Avenue, Oakland

fivetenburger [Mobile]
Check Twitter for location details

Doc’s of the Bay [Mobile]
Check Twitter for location details

Discuss: Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

Doc’s of the Bay burger photo by John Birdsall

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