The giant clock near the corner of Atlantic Boulevard and East Wardlow Road in Long Beach appeals to the hungry with a familiar phrase: “Time to Eat!” And just under that red-and-white timepiece sits Dave’s World Famous Burgers, a humble shack with a minimalist menu of burgers, dogs, chips, and fountain drinks. “This place has flown under the Chowhound radar,” says Ogawak, who recently discovered it, and is now enthralled by the excellent old-fashioned burger. How old-fashioned? It’s strictly a lettuce, tomato, and pickles kind of burger, at an old-fashioned price: The most expensive item on the menu, the Double Jumbo Burger, is $4.99. “This will be a regular stop for me,” Ogawak says.

Dave’s World Famous Burgers [South Bay]
3396 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach

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Photo from Dave’s World Famous Burgers / Facebook

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