Oysters, mussels, clams, and North Atlantic fish frolic together on the menu at Littlefork, a new restaurant that highlights what it calls the “Atlantic Northeast” (Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New England) in a beautifully sleek space in Hollywood. David Reiss of A-Frame and others captains the ship, but the kitchen is steered by Spago and Fraîche veteran Jason Travi.

Local Chowhound lil mikey visited the establishment in its first week and liked it. Oysters were fresh and perfectly chilled, the clam chowder thick and full of flavor, and the poutine a lovely arrangement of smoky braised meat and creamy cheese curds above, with gravy below, where it posed no risk of making the fries soggy. There’s also a small dessert menu—save room for the Whoopie Pie, lil mikey says.

Littlefork [Hollywood]
600 Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles

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Photo from Littlefork / Facebook

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