Melanie Wong samples chapli kebab wherever she can find it, and the version at Darbar still rocks. Maybe it’s the exotic scent of toasted cumin and coriander mingled with sizzling grilled meat. Maybe it’s the crunch of the crackly brown crust, contrasting with the velvety tenderness of the micro-ground beef interior. Or maybe it’s the fiery-hot spicing, briefly cooled by the chilled mint chutney. Don’t be fooled by that cool mint chutney, by the way–it’s full of raw jalapeno madness. Two gorgeous patties are only $3.99.

The sarson ka saag is no slacker, either–it’s made with fresh mustard greens instead of depressing frozen spinach, it’s good and garlicky, and it has a beautifully fluffy texture.

Darbar [Polk Gulch]
1412 Polk St., San Francisco

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Chapli Kebab Greatness at Darbar (SF)

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