No doubt: Jean-Louis de Mori and Antonio Tomassi know Italian food. Their newest venture is Maccheroni Republic, a rustic, cozy restaurant where once a Korean kalbi joint existed. As the restaurant’s name implies, pasta dishes star: There are 15 house-made pasta dishes on the menu, besides a few appetizers, soups, and desserts.

Local Chowhound FED visited in late December and came away loving the agnolotti di cotechino (filled with Emilian sausage), gnocchi with meat ragu and mushrooms, and trippa con passarelli (calf tripe soup with pasta). And FED loved the prices: The pastas start at a crowd-pleasing $8.

Maccheroni Republic [Downtown]
332 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

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Graphic from Maccheroni Republic / Facebook

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