Chef Harold Dieterle, who has looked to Asia for inspiration at Perilla and Kin Shop, investigates his German and Italian roots at The Marrow, his three-week-old restaurant in the former Paris Commune space. From a menu offering such dishes as brisket braciole, duck schnitzel with quark spätzle, and bone marrow with sea urchin, fried potato, and Meyer lemon aioli (pictured), Chowhound orthorunner singles out fork-tender juniper-braised lamb’s neck, whose richness is countered by the acidity of sauerkraut and the earthiness of rutabaga purée. “Dieterle is a master of combining flavor combinations that work well together and keeping everything in balance,” orthorunner adds, “while not doing anything too out of the box.”

The Marrow [West Village]
99 Bank Street (at Greenwich Street), Manhattan

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Photo from The Marrow / Facebook

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