As winter settles in for real, Chowhounds are craving hot pot, and they’ve found a fine one in Brooklyn’s main Chinatown. The version at Mister Hotpot is as good as any in town, distinguished by deeply flavored broth in pork, herbal, and spicy varieties, Peter Cuce reports in a recent discussion.

What’s dunked into those broths is fresh and varied, including unusual choices like fish skin. The tasty house dipping sauce is citrusy; aspiring sauciers can also mix their own. Mister Hotpot, which opened a year ago but has garnered scant Chowhound comment, is not your average New York Chinese hot pot joint, Peter observes: It’s a clean, modern-looking restaurant that stays open late, takes plastic and reservations, and works the social media, dangling occasional freebies like desserts and hot pot ingredients. “Check Yelp, Facebook and so forth to see if there’s anything going on when you go,” he advises.

Mister Hotpot [Sunset Park]
5306 Eighth Avenue (near 53rd Street), Brooklyn

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Photo by Mister Hotpot / Facebook

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