is proud to announce a new Chowhound category dedicated to a complex and fascinating subject: cheese. Questions, comments, tasting notes, pairing suggestions—anything and everything related to the glorious art of cheese is welcome, from experts, novices, and anyone in between. Eager to expand your cheese IQ? Chowhound member cheesemaestro recommends finding a book that can teach you about cheese regions, types, and terminology. Second, consider taking a class that allows you to taste lots of different cheeses. Third, use every opportunity to talk to cheesemongers, the folks behind the counter at the cheese shop. Fourth, HillJ says, look into tours that allow you to talk with cheesemakers and farm producers. And last—though certainly not least—don’t hesitate to ask questions on Chowhound. Unlike at your local cheese shop, you won’t even have to take a number; simply click here and start exploring.

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Photo of Cowgirl Creamery in San Francisco by Flickr member Neeta Lind under Creative Commons

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