The best sushi in Orange County? Some Chowhounds think that’s Ohshima Japanese Cuisine in Orange. Tucked into a typical suburban strip mall, Ohshima’s sushi is anything but typical. “If there was any place I’d happily relinquish control to the chef, it’s here,” BrewNChow says. Chef Shige Kimura (pictured) orchestrates the omakase-only bar with a wide variety of fish, all perfectly seasoned and deftly prepared.

“Their buri was unforgettable, their toro was face melting, [and] all the shellfish we ordered were the best I’d ever had,” says BrewNChow. With just 12 seats at the bar, there’s usually a crowd waiting inside the door. Fans say the great sushi and reasonable prices are worth the wait.

Ohshima Japanese Cuisine
1956 N. Tustin Street, Orange

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Photo of Shige Kimura by Flickr member K. Oyama under Creative Commons

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