Los Angeles isn’t known for Polish cuisine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find good Polish food, if you look hard. On a recent drive in North Hollywood, Chowhound smiling ed stumbled on two easily missed spots: European Meat Specialties and Piroshki House. The first, a nondescript meat market situated in an industrial complex, is Central Europe’s idea of a carnivore’s paradise. The glass counter showcases a serious selection of kielbasa, smoked sausages, and other pork items, all made, stuffed, and/or cured in-house. There are also plenty of Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian condiments to go with the meats. Three miles away sits Piroshki House, a tiny Polish and Russian bakery serving up a selection of piroshki—flaky pies stuffed with savory fillings—and ponchik, the traditional Polish cream-filled doughnut.

European Meat Specialties [San Fernando Valley – East]
12926 Saticoy Street, Suite 16, North Hollywood

Piroshki House [San Fernando Valley – East]
14053 Victory Boulevard, Van Nuys

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Photo of European Meat Specialties from Google Maps

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