There’s a distinct chill in the air, even in Los Angeles. Angelenos determined to ward off the cold with hot soup have a promising new option, Remy’s Noodle Palace in City of Industry. Chowhound Chandavkl reports that this Taiwanese restaurant’s signature dish is beef noodle soup, available in a handful of ways: plain beef, beef tendon (pictured), braised beef tendon, and wonton beef. You can opt for spicy versions of any of them, and even pick your noodles (wheat, rice, or glass) via paper order form. Not feeling the soup? Pork chops, pig ears, marinated beef shank and tripe, and dan dan mian are other possibilities.

Remy’s Noodle Palace [San Gabriel Valley]
18211 E. Gale Avenue, City of Industry

Photo of beef tendon noodle soup from Remy’s Noodle Palace / Facebook

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