The Pacific Coast Highway and quality fish go hand in hand, but seafood isn’t the only good thing to eat on the coast. On Chowhound, rjw_lgb_ca shares a tip for meat eaters: the off-menu pork shank at Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant in Long Beach. “It’s several mouthfuls of Heaven,” rjw_lgb_ca declares.

Braised for over four hours, the meat falls right off the bone, blending perfectly into the tomatillo sauce and rice it’s served with. Add a little salsa if you want some extra heat, says Servorg, who finds it hard to try anything else on the menu when the shank is available. Enrique’s says the dish is offered every day but tends to sell out. Call ahead to reserve one—or more.

Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant [South Bay]
6210 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach

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Photo from Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant / Facebook

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