Prior to June 2012, Chef Ari Taymor’s Alma was a pop-up that served lucky diners in Venice and Silver Lake. Taymor (pictured), who previously exercised his talents at Flour + Water in San Francisco, planted Alma Restaurant in a permanent space in downtown Los Angeles earlier this year. On a recent visit, local Chowhound lil mikey was blown away by Taymor’s attention to detail with a stellar array of ingredients. A dish of cold crab—the delicate meat surrounded by flakes of radish-flavored ice, young basil leaves, dill sprigs, and miniature pink and yellow nasturtiums—was revelatory, a “colorful feast for the eyes.” The “flavors, textures and temperatures were exciting and different with each bite,” lil mikey recalls.

Most of the dishes that followed were just as impressive, including an earthy sunchoke purée over a perfect egg yolk, and a salad of artichoke, grapefruit slivers, and baked wheat berries. Food and beverage menus change just about daily, depending on what’s available from local farmers, but the dishes are sure to be interesting and beautifully plated. As Jonathan Gold remarked recently, “Nobody is cooking quite like this in L.A. at the moment.”

Alma Restaurant [Downtown]
952 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

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Photo of Ari Taymor from Alma Restaurant / Facebook

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