Most Angelenos venture to the San Gabriel Valley for good dim sum, but Chandavkl reports that those trying to pinch pennies might try Chinatown’s new Ho Ho Fu BBQ Dim Sum, in the old Keung Kee BBQ space (pictured). The usual dishes are there—har gow, siu mai, char siu bao, cheung fun, dan tat, and more—but prices are a surprise.

Plates range from just $1.39 to $1.69, for portions equal in size to those found at more famous (and far fancier) dim sum places. “It’s close, cheap, and pretty tasty,” says happybaker, who ordered a takeout feast and was impressed with how the food held up after reheating.

Ho Ho Fu BBQ Dim Sum [Downtown]
420 Ord Street Suite 101, Los Angeles

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Photo of 420 Ord Street from Google Maps

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