How do you make a hamburger richer and meatier than it already is? Chop Filipino-style longanisa sausage into the patty, as Jeepney does. Works for Chowhound foodwhisperer, who loves the juicy, deeply flavorful variation (pictured) at this two-month-old spin-off of nearby Maharlika in the East Village. A squeeze of banana ketchup adds tropical lilt. This burger ranks right up there with the one at Minetta Tavern, which knows its hamburgers, foodwhisperer says—no coincidence, since a Minetta veteran had a hand in shaping Jeepney’s menu.

Other dishes at this self-styled Filipino gastropub are drink-friendly upgrades on traditional comfort foods like pancit, a standard noodle dish amped up here with pork, oysters, shrimp, squid, and fried pork rind. For a gutsy, soulful cuisine whose long-overdue mainstream moment may finally be arriving, Jeepney could be part of the vanguard.

Jeepney [East Village]
201 First Avenue (between E. 12th and 13th streets), Manhattan

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Photo by Jeepney / Facebook

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