With four locations around Los Angeles, Jinya is hardly a new name to local ramen-lovers. What is new, though, is Jinya’s Tokyo Tonkotsu, a dish that Chowhound BrewNChow just discovered at the Costa Mesa location. (Jinya says Tokyo Tonkotsu rolled out two months ago at the Costa Mesa and Miracle Mile restaurants only.) The bowl’s foundation: the usual suspects (rich pork broth, noodles, spinach, bamboo, cabbage, green onion, and a soft-boiled egg). What’s special is the topping of bonito shavings. It was “the best ramen I’ve had in my life,” says BrewNChow, who recommends splurging for additional slices of chashu.

Jinya [Orange County]
1450 Baker Street, Costa Mesa

Jinya [Mid-City]
5174 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

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Photo from Jinya Costa Mesa / Facebook

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