Chowhound home cook Caroline1 is tempted by the lovely selection of silicone baking molds on sale for Christmas baking, especially because they’re cheaper than their metal counterparts. Do they work well enough to make them a good deal?

The answer: It depends.

Silicone molds have their own quirks, like the time kseiverd tried to fill a floppy mold with batter before putting it on a cookie sheet to bake. Not easy! And the finished cakes didn’t exactly jump out of the molds but had to be coaxed. It was a mess. As with most things, you get what you pay for with silicone pans (the better ones have metal supports to keep their shape, featheronawire points out). Some work well, others are a disaster. Just look at how many molds end up at thrift stores. “There is a reason people donate them instead of hanging on to them,” John E. says.

Still, featheronawire says, nothing beats silicone muffin cups for Yorkshire pudding.

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Photo by Flickr member the Italian voice under Creative Commons

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