LA Chowhound Betcom assumed mussels were slimy and unpalatable, but then a great batch of cioppino forced a rethink. “They are actually little sea gems,” says Betcom, who then posed a question to fellow hounds: Who makes the best dish of mussels in or near Los Angeles?

New Zealand green-lipped mussels are a favorite with foodiemahoodie, who finds them sweet and rarely fishy. Jitlada Restaurant’s great Thai version (pictured) comes in a green chile sauce perfumed with lemongrass and basil. Then again, The Professor thinks black mussels (like the ones harvested from Prince Edward Island) are far superior to green lips. At Water Grill, Local says, black mussels are good just steamed.

Black mussels are accompanied by bacon and garlic butter at Peruvian restaurant Picca, andytseng reports. The green curry mussels with ginger and chiles at Larry’s are Dirtywextraolives‘s favorite. At Brussels Bistro, guests choose the broth to flavor their mussels (one option: Belgian beer and cream). “There is no right or wrong, it’s a matter of taste,” says josephnl.

Jitlada Restaurant [Thai Town]
5233 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Water Grill [Downtown]
544 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles

Picca [Westside – Inland]
9575 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles

Larry’s [Westside – Beaches]
24 Windward Avenue, Venice

Brussels Bistro [Orange County]
222 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach

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Photo of green mussels from Jitlada Restaurant

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