Mami is a fusion dish from a nation that’s full of them. And for a Chinese-Filipino invention, it’s basically chicken noodle soup.

The mami at Asian Noodles meets the Filipina mom test, says pleasurepalate, with flavorful broth perked up by a few scallions, noodles cooked just right and tender meat (you can get chicken and/or pork). It’s pretty mild stuff, but classic comfort food. Note that you can get mami with wontons, too–they’re tasty, but weirdly hard, like compressed Spam.

Siopao (bao, or steamed bun) is mami’s traditional partner–try bola bola siopao, filled with chicken, pork, sausage, and salted egg. The salted egg cuts the sweetness of the other ingredients.

The Glendale location of Asian Noodles is significantly grimier (C rated) and smaller than the downtown location.

Asian Noodles [Chinatown]
643 N. Spring St., Los Angeles

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