Adam Fleischman‘s Umami Burger chain boasts 13 locations around California and will soon expand beyond state lines, but its heart is in Los Angeles. So it’s only natural that the first-ever U-Mini—the long-awaited fast-food offspring of its upscale parent—should open here. Chowhound maudies5 visited the three-week-old U-Mini in Westwood and declared it a winner for style, service, and price. The streamlined menu offers four 5-ounce burger choices, two fry options (regular and umami, sprinkled with Parmesan, tomatoes, mushroom, and herbs), salted caramel or chocolate milk shakes, and fountain drinks. Though iPads have replaced waiters and there is less staffing overall, service was friendly and quick, and it was easy to grab a seat inside or on the large outdoor patio. This pared-down version of Umami Burger looks to maudies5 like it’ll prove “a howling success.”

U-Mini [Westwood]
1131 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Photo of Dads Burger at U-Mini from Umami Burger

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