Lao Dong Bei, New York’s newest destination for Dongbei chow from northeast China, has a connection to one of the city’s first. The chef used to cook at Fu Run, beloved for its spice-crusted Muslim-style lamb chops, Peter Cuce reports on Chowhound. Opened a couple of weeks ago in the space once occupied by another hound hangout, M&T, Lao Dong Bei serves those chops alongside other Fu Run favorites, including cumin sliced fish (pictured), beer duck, Dongbei-style orange chicken, and blotch soup, filled with spätzle-like bits of dough. “Everything was quality,” Peter writes after a first pass through the menu.

Lao Dong Bei [Flushing]
44-09 Kissena Boulevard (near Cherry Avenue), Flushing, Queens

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Photo by Peter Cuce

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