The high-quality jams sold at at Bay Area farmers’ markets and food shops make fantastic additions to holiday gift baskets. Which preserves, jams, and chutneys do Chowhounds consider prime gifts? Oakland-based Blue Chair Fruit Company has novel flavor combinations, says Spatlese, noting orange-kumquat with candied ginger and dates. BAnders likes Blue Chair’s marmalades, especially mixed fruit ones like aprium-orange.

Berkeley’s June Taylor Jams is the Bay Area’s oldest high-quality preserves company. The jams convey the essence of fruit with an electric clarity, dordogne says, in part because Taylor avoids muffling the flavor with too much sugar. Meanwhile, CarrieWas218 slips a jar of McQuade’s Celtic Chutney into her gift baskets. Made in San Francisco, McQuade’s features unusual flavors like curried banana and fig with ginger. And rubadubgdub picks up magnificent chutneys from The Apple Farm, a Mendocino County–based heirloom apple grower, at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Blue Chair Fruit Company
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June Taylor Jams
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McQuade’s Celtic Chutneys
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The Apple Farm
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