As temperatures drop into the 30s, heat seekers looking to warm up with Sichuan-style hot pots have sniffed out a great deal in Brooklyn. Miss Needle reports on Chowhound that Spicy Bampa in Bensonhurst lays out a varied, satisfying all-you-can-eat spread—beef, lamb, shrimp, tripe, chicken, bean curd, greens, and more in a divided pot of spicy and nonspicy broths—for $16 a head during the week ($3 more on weekends). “Huge bargain,” she notes.

In Manhattan, the hot pot at hound favorite Szechuan Gourmet (pictured) has never come cheap—it’s now $32 per person—but it’s as delicious and filling as ever. kathryn feasted happily on beef, lamb, blue crab, beef tripe, some kind of Spam-like meat, cabbage, wood ear fungus, spinach, mung bean sprouts, white radish, bean curd, lotus root, and enoki mushroom in spicy and regular broths, with refills on the meats. “Made a huge mess, and we ate for 1.5 hours,” she says. “They had to change our plates three times.”

Spicy Bampa [Bensonhurst]
6920 18th Avenue (between 70th Street and Bay Ridge Avenue), Brooklyn

Szechuan Gourmet [Midtown]
21 W. 39th Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues), Manhattan

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Hot Pot at Szechuan Gourmet

Photo by Kathryn Yu

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