The city’s new hot corner for French baking is Third Avenue and 74th Street, where dessert master François Payard has just opened FP Patisserie. Payard, who made his name at a nearby bakery and café that closed in 2009, returns to the neighborhood with cakes, pastries, chocolates, macarons, and light savory bites, including sandwiches. “Quality French pastries are kind of rare in New York,” notes Chowhound kosmose7, who finds Payard’s wares “great.” And it’s worth noting that right across the street is Maison Kayser, a bread specialist that arrived this summer—after all, hounds do not live by sweets alone.

FP Patisserie [Upper East Side]
1293 Third Avenue (at E. 74th Street), Manhattan

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Photo from FP Patisserie

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