When Takesushi lost its battle with a Midtown landlord a couple years ago, lovers of Japanese food lost, too. The restaurant’s sushi and cooked dishes were eminently Chowhound-worthy, thanks in part to the top-quality ingredients procured by owner Robin Kawada, a career seafood wholesaler. Now he’s back in the restaurant business with a new Takesushi, which succeeds a Romanian restaurant and bar in Sunnyside, Queens.

In a recent Chowhound discussion, MarcInSunnysideGardens says it serves “solidly the best sushi in Sunnyside” (though Astoria’s Linn is his go-to place in western Queens). E Eto, who helped discover the Manhattan location, says its chefs were skilled and experienced and had worked with a sushi master who’s now back on the Chowhound map in Tribeca. If any of them is behind the counter in Sunnyside, it bodes well for the newcomer. “Glad to see they were able to reopen,” he says.

Takesushi [Sunnyside]
43-46 42nd Street (between Queens Boulevard and 43rd Avenue), Sunnyside, Queens

Discuss: Takesushi in Sunnyside–a fortunate addition to the neighborhood

Photo from Takesushi / Facebook

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