Consider the Dinkie. No, it isn’t an off-brand knockoff of the now-endangered Twinkie. In fact it’s a griddled hybrid of cake and pancake, and HLing recommends it on Chowhound to anyone who’s feeling peckish in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Served fresh from the pan in batches of seven by a shop called (naturally) Dinkies, these little round sweet or savory bites could be a cousin to the Hong Kong–style egg cakes peddled around the neighborhood, as Serious Eats suggests, or perhaps Denmark’s doughnut hole–like aebleskivers. HLing sampled banana-caramel and jalapeño-corn Dinkies and found both of them hot, delicious, and worthy of a return visit for other varieties like strawberry shortcake or chicken biscuit. “Much more exploring to be done,” she resolves.

Dinkies [Chinatown]
118 Baxter Street (between Canal and Hester streets), Manhattan

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Photo from Dinkies / Facebook

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