On the Valencia Street corridor of the Mission District, a new restaurant seems to open every other week. It’s easy to lose focus on the places that have stuck around for a while, like Loló, which opened in 2007, but mariacarmen visited recently for the first time and says you need to eat there right now.

Though Loló used to have a Mediterranean twist, the current menu leans Mexican, but it’s not traditional: Watermelon aioli graces the crab tostadas, while cascabel chiles liven up the octopus tiradito.

Steak tacos on handmade flour tortillas were juicy and flavorful, served with a smoky chimichurri-type sauce. Flour tortillas usually seem inferior to corn, but these were awesome, with the perfect chew. An anchovy-heavy Caesar mixed with red cabbage was another win.

Hound r.vacapinta, who visited Loló years ago and left thinking the food was just OK, is a convert today. On a recent visit, he said the food was “simply delicious”; the buttery wonton ravioli with huitlacoche and requeson was the hands-down favorite.

Loló [Mission District]
3230 22nd Street, San Francisco

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Photo from Loló

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