The commercial season for Dungeness crabs kicked off in November, and Chowhounds are hot on the trail of the best restaurants and preparations of this local favorite with an all-too-short season.

The crab pasta with foraged chanterelles at Trattoria La Siciliana in Berkeley impressed casalbore spirit, who mentioned that the restaurant also served crab cakes as well as whole or half crabs hot or chilled.

Cynsa says the menu at Woodhouse Fish Company, a local chain with two San Francisco locations, is bursting with crab options, from cocktails and melts to hot buttered rolls and iceberg Louis salads.

As an expat from blue crab country, bbulkow offers a few pointers to enjoying the delicate flavor of the Dungeness: Avoid crab cakes that may overpower their flavor, and instead choose crab pastas or any dish that relies on the trinity of crustacean + fat + starch.

Trattoria La Siciliana [East Bay]
2993 College Avenue, Berkeley

Woodhouse Fish Company [Castro]
2073 Market Street, San Francisco

Woodhouse Fish Company [Pacific Heights]
1914 Fillmore Street, San Francisco

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Dungeness crab photo from Jon Sullivan at via Wikimedia Commons

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