Chowhound larryavsdad is disappointed with his experiments with gluten-free gravy. He’s sick of glossy, cornstarch-thickened sauces, and doesn’t like the bitter aftertaste that gluten-free flours leave when making gravy with a roux. To make matters worse, it’s impossible to reheat gluten-free gravy without it becoming a bitter, grainy disaster, larryavsdad says.

When thickening gravy with a roux, chefathome finds that sorghum flour most closely mimics the texture and flavor of wheat flour, and suggests it for a gluten-free substitute. White rice flour is also quite bland and mild, says chefathome.

However, the very best gluten-free gravy doesn’t have any flour substitute at all, chefathome says. Just stir a little wine into the drippings and heat until slightly thickened, then finish with butter. “Of course this is not gravy but the sauce is delicious with meats,” chefathome says. “This way I can re-heat and there is no issue with the odd aftertaste/texture of some GF starches/flours.”

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