If your plans for baking a pumpkin pie have fallen by the wayside, don’t fear. NerdyEater went out searching for LA’s best version of the seasonal dessert, and the resulting report has encouraged other pie-loving hounds to chime in with their most-loved spots.

After many taste tests, NerdyEater thinks that SusieCakes and Urth Caffé both make incredible pumpkin pies, though each scratches a different itch: The SusieCakes pie (pictured) is perfect for those who prefer a lighter crust and a less sweet filling, while the pie by Urth Caffé is dense, creamy, and has a bolder flavor overall.

Dommy votes for the pumpkin pie at Ugo, calling it outstanding and seriously tempting as soon as it arrives on the Italian restaurant’s menu this time of year. And SIMIHOUND can’t remember ever eating a better pie than the one at Porto’s Bakery.

SusieCakes [Westside – Inland]
11708 San Vicente 
Boulevard, Los Angeles

Urth Caffé [West Hollywood]
8565 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Urth Caffé [Beverly Hills]
267 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills

Urth Caffé [Westside – Beaches]
2327 Main Street, Santa Monica

Urth Caffé [Downtown]
451 S. Hewitt Street, Los Angeles

Ugo [Westside – Beaches]
315 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica

Ugo [Westside – Inland]
3865 Cardiff Avenue, Culver City

Porto’s Bakery [South Los Angeles]
8233 Firestone Boulevard, Downey

Porto’s Bakery [San Fernando Valley – East]
315 N. Brand Boulevard, Glendale

Porto’s Bakery [San Fernando Valley – East]
3614 W. Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank

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Photo of pumpkin pie from SusieCakes / Facebook

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