In a neighborhood that isn’t known for first-rate sushi, Chowhounds have sniffed out a stellar exception in Yasaka on West 72nd Street. Fans report faultlessly fresh fish with innovative toppings and other flourishes at bargain prices. At 12 pieces for $45, the omakase (pictured) is “an excellent value,” strangemd says. “The only thing better on the Upper West Side is Sushi of Gari, and that’s much more expensive.” Yasaka, which arrived a year ago in a hard-luck space most recently occupied by a middling sushi place, has not gone undiscovered by locals, so try to hit it at off hours. “It’s much more comfortable and consistent when it’s not jammed,” americanafan advises.

Sushi Yasaka [Upper West Side]
251 W. 72nd Street (between Broadway and West End Avenue), Manhattan

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Photo from Sushi Yasaka

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