Feijoada is a Portuguese-Brazilian dish that’s a Saturday staple in Rio de Janeiro. The hearty black bean stew with pork or beef (sometimes both) is ideal for the Bay Area’s cool fall weather. Who makes a good version?

In San Francisco’s West Portal neighborhood, Mozzarella di Bufala Pizzeria makes a great feijoada. Thomas Nash says that while the menu includes a few other Brazilian specialties, don’t miss the feijoada completa, which has pork and beef, collard greens, rice, and farofa (toasted, coarse-ground yucca).

A Brazilian friend once made feijoada for jaiko. Only Sonoma’s LaSalette (pictured) has ever even come close, with a version that includes stewed beef and smoked sausage.

If you’re in the North Bay, check out the Brazilian menu at Pizza Orgasmica in San Rafael, where fresh orange slices perk up the feijoada. Note that while Pizza Orgasmica has three other locations in the Bay Area, feijoada is offered only in San Rafael, and only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Mozzarella di Bufala [West Portal]
69 West Portal Avenue, San Francisco

LaSalette [Sonoma County]
452 First Street East, Sonoma

Pizza Orgasmica [North Bay]
812 Fourth Street, San Rafael

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Photo from LaSalette Restaurant / Facebook

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