Miki’s Farm Fresh Market arrives on the scene with a pedigree that makes many Chowhounds perk up their ears. Michael Werness (he goes by Miki) used to manage Berkeley Bowl and Monterey Market. The opening of his Palo Alto market has been highly anticipated since Chowhounds caught wind of it in 2011. According to foggy_town, the cheese and olive oil departments alone set Miki’s apart from other markets in the area. Like Berkeley’s Cheese Board, it’s staffed with knowledgeable cheesemongers. No surprise that the produce department is strong, but mr_darcy thinks the Asian foods section is also a highlight. And osho says that prices for top-quality produce from farms such as Happy Boy and Tomatero are on par with farmers’ markets, and the meat counter has Uruguayan beef with a deliciously grassy taste.

Miki’s Farm Fresh Market [South Bay]
3445 Alma Street, Palo Alto

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Photo from Miki’s Farm Fresh Market

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