Try some of these dry cereals that are said to withstand some soaking in milk without losing their crunch:

Quaker Oatmeal Squares, says Pei. They’ll take forever to get soggy and they’re big enough for snacks, like tiny cookies or crackers.

Both Kashi’s Heart to Heart and Go Lean Crunch stay nice and crunchy in milk.

Grapenuts take a while to get mushy. And the Nature’s Path brand makes a cereal called Heritage Os that taste a bit like Grapenuts. Piccola says that no amount of milk will make them soggy. They actually can be eaten dry, like nuts!

Chowser does the sensibly obessive thing with cereal: he pours milk into the bowl first, and then adds a little cereal. When you finish that, you can always add more, and not worry about it having time to get milk-logged!

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