Whether you’ve had the real deal in New Orleans and can’t wait for your next trip, or like Chowhound letsindulge you want to help Louisiana expats feel at home here, finding proper muffuletta sandwiches in the Bay Area is challenging.

At roving locations in the East Bay and SF, Ebbett’s Good to Go food truck serves what Bigshadetree says is an exquisite muffuletta, made on a Semifreddi’s roll with excellent olive salad. (Note that it’s not on the menu every day.) Genova, an Italian deli in Walnut Creek, also has a good version, but the bread is toasted instead of being simply pressed and served cold. Boxing Room in Hayes Valley features a muffuletta, chocolatetartguy points out, offered weekdays at lunch, served whole, half, or in quarters. If all else fails, kungful says you can always ship from the source. Central Grocery in New Orleans ships by FedEx.

Ebbett’s Good to Go [Mobile]
Check Twitter for location

Genova Delicatessen [East Bay]
2064 Treat Boulevard, Walnut Creek

Boxing Room [Hayes Valley]
399 Grove Street, San Francisco

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Photo of Central Grocery muffuletta by Flickr member Emily Cavalier under Creative Commons

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