Big portions, hand-rolled noodles, and Xinjiang Uighur specialties are the bottom line at Shandong Deluxe, a new restaurant in San Francisco’s Parkside neighborhood. Chowhound soupçon recently spread the word that this restaurant serves a couple of Uighur standards, like da pan ji (big plate chicken) and ban mian (also known as lagman). The lagman noodles have a strong “Italian food” vibe, kairo says, no doubt because of the tomato-based sauce. They’re served with lamb or beef. Go for the lamb, kairo says, and don’t miss the pepper and cumin lamb skewers. The da pan ji is a must-try: Diced chicken on the bone, whole dried chiles, and peppercorns on a bed of thick wheat noodles add up to a dish that’s spicy, sweet, and mildly numbing. Another dish featuring handmade noodles is the chao ma mian (pictured), loaded with shrimp, octopus, cuttlefish, pork, and cabbage in a mildly spicy broth.

Shandong Deluxe [Parkside]
1042 Taraval Street, San Francisco

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Photo by soupçon

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