Thanksgiving raises very serious questions. Things like what’s a good sweet potato dish when you’re ready to give up candied yams with mini marshmallows on top. Or if there’s a vegan dessert you can make for your sister’s potluck that doesn’t taste like hippie food. Or what can you actually start prepping now for a holiday that’s two weeks away. Relax—we’re here to help.

On Friday, November 9, two editors from the CHOW Test Kitchen in San Francisco will conduct a live Thanksgiving Helpline on CHOW’s Facebook page from 10 to 10:30 a.m., Pacific Time. Amy Wisniewski, right, and Christine Gallary, center (pictured with Editorial Assistant Lisa Lavery), will offer advice about menu planning, recipes, shopping, and things you can make ahead to start the ball rolling. Questions? Leave them here as comments, or ask them on Facebook live on Friday morning, when Amy and Christine will be online to help you out.

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