Anaheim’s main attraction may be Disneyland, but the city has its fair share of food destinations that aren’t in a theme park. Recently mayobanex discovered that Wok Coco, an Asian restaurant advertising Chinese, Thai, and Japanese food, has a hidden Indonesian menu. Request it when you arrive (don’t be afraid to ask for a translator). Recommended dishes include a rendang beef rich with spices and coconut milk, and the nasi bungkus, chicken, beef, egg, and vegetables wrapped in a banana leaf (pictured). Kangkung (water spinach) and a dish of potato, shrimp, and peteh (stink beans) were also tasty.

Wok Coco [Orange County]
221 S. Magnolia Avenue, Anaheim

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Photo of nasi bungkus from Flickr member sanguinie under Creative Commons

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