You wouldn’t know it from the name, but Brooklyn Central specializes in Naples-style pizza. It arrives with expectations, opened last month by veterans of Sottocasa, a local favorite not far away. A wood-fired oven from Naples (pictured) turns out excellent pies with a satisfying, chewy crust, famdoc says on Chowhound. Toppings range from the traditional, called “Old World” on the menu—margherita, marinara, etc.—to “New World” creations like the North Maple (bacon, maple syrup, smoked mozzarella, pecans) and a famdoc pick, the Black Widow (black garlic, herbs, mozzarella, and sweet, smoky mushrooms). “Best pizza in Park Slope,” famdoc declares.

Brooklyn Central [Park Slope]
289 Fifth Avenue (between First and Second streets), Brooklyn

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Photo by Brooklyn Central / Facebook

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