Say you store a carton of whipping cream in a cold part of the fridge and it accidentally freezes. Can you still whip it after it thaws? Chowhounds say that depends. While the fat can separate when cream freezes, shaking the carton might emulsify the butterfat, at which point you can whip it. Keep in mind, lcool says, that re-emulsification is often impossible with ultra-pasteurized cream. (For definitions of pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized cream, check out this Chowhound discussion.)

Even if you can’t whip your cream, don’t toss it. It’ll still work in recipes that call for cooking it, like chocolate ganache and caramel sauce, or in baked goods. In fact, those isolated bits of butterfat help the texture of scones, says 4Snisl, who notes that this cream scone recipe is “insanely good.”

Discuss: Whipping cream frozen by accident – how best to use

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