Instead of cooking bacon hot and fast, a better method is to put it in a cold pan and fry it slowly over low heat, charles_sills reports on Chowhound. The result is a “wonderful harmony of crispy lean bites and slightly chewy fattier bits.” Cooking over low heat renders more fat, Lady_Tenar explains. And because the low heat allows the renderings to stay below their smoke point, the resulting fat will be tastier for cooking other foods in. (For tips on cooking bacon this way, watch this CHOW video.)

Chowhound eight_inch_pestle thinks the low-and-slow approach is also best when cooking bacon in the oven, too. He bakes it at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for about half an hour, which results in evenly cooked slices and fewer spatters.

Discuss: am i the only one that cooks bacon this way?

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