William Werner’s Craftsman & Wolves has earned a faithful following since it opened on Valencia Street in June. Last month it debuted a reservations-only afternoon tea, available Monday through Wednesday from 1 to 5 p.m. The mix of sweet and savory items hit the spot for Chowhound absc, who liked the salt cold rillettes and buckwheat crumpets. And the staff was accommodating to her tea-averse 10-year-old, who sipped instead on hot cocoa with violet marshmallows. Mola notes that the quality is high and the portions are dainty. Don’t expect afternoon tea here to be a substitute for dinner. And because Craftsman & Wolves is such a popular spot, you may not find peace and quiet: Mola felt bombarded by requests for photos of the tea-service tower (pictured).

Craftsman & Wolves [Mission District]
746 Valencia Street, San Francisco

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Photo by absc

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