Hot on the heels of the E. coli outbreak in spinach comes another food-supply warning, this time targeting raw-milk purveyor Organic Pastures. So far, four California children, all of whom drank the company’s raw-milk products, have been infected with E. coli.

While most Americans take the pasteurization of their milk for granted, a small but growing population—often inspired by the teachings of whole-foods advocate Weston Price—has been bucking food-safety laws in many states, forming “dairy undergrounds” to get access to sources of organic, unprocessed milk from pasture-raised cows.

Although raw milk is more vulnerable to contamination, its proponents claim far-reaching health benefits, while asserting that the extra-scrupulous care that must be taken to make raw milk safe promotes healthier cows and more-sustainable dairying practices. The FDA, however, holds firm against raw milk. Your thoughts?

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